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The Best Move You'll Ever Make

Savings Tips

Money Saving Tips for Your Move

Remember, your moving cost is based on time. If you desire to make your move more economical, we recommend that you do your own packing and consider the following suggestions.

  • Seal all boxes before loading, so that they can be stacked.
  • Dismantle your bed, lamps, take mirrors off dressers, and empty desk drawers.
  • Place all hardware from dismantled items in a plastic bag and place it inside the piece of furniture or tape it directly to the furniture piece.
  • Disconnect the refrigerator water line for the icemaker. Disconnect the electric for all appliances being moved.
  • Lock all freezers and file cabinets being moved.
  • Leave clothing items inside dresser drawers and chests of drawers, however, remove valuables, breakables, or any item that may spill.

Additional Moving Tips

  • Reinforce the bottom of boxes with tape for extra strength.
  • Books are very heavy, so use smaller boxes to pack them.
  • Pack your dishes upwards.
  • Use caution when packing with newspaper because the ink can stain items such as lampshades and fine china.
  • You can wrap fragile items in towels and linens.
  • Try not to put items from different rooms in the same box. Label all cartons so you know the contents and which rooms they belong in.
  • Pack yourself a box of necessities that you will need access to immediately at your new location. Make sure it is the last thing loaded on the truck so that it is the first thing out at the new location.
  • Defrost your refrigerator the day before you move.
  • Fill out a Change of Address form at the USPS website >>
    * All Goods Transported Are Covered By Valuation Protection.
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